Don’t know where to start?

Saggy middle?

Climax a dud?


If you suffer from any or all of these problems, you need the Plot Doctors.

How Plot Doctors works:

  • You send in a detailed synopsis
  • We’ll look over your synopsis and identify the problems in your story structure
  • We’ll write up a detailed analysis with solutions that will fix your story structure problems
  • We’ll email you our analysis and set up a time for a conference call
  • During the one hour video or telephone conference call you can go over the analysis and ask any questions you may have

Our suggestions aren’t intended as a box you’re locked into, they’re meant to highlight whatever problems you have and to serve as a springboard for your own imagination. Because it has to remain your story.

The Plot Doctors only deal with story structure. We don’t evaluate your writing style or do line editing.


“The Plot Doctors’ analysis of my story and its structural problems slayed me with its brilliance; it left me lying in a little astonished heap twitching on the floor. Hilari and Anna-Maria are AMAZING. They not only showed me how I could save my book; they also made me believe that it was worth saving.”



“It was like reviewing good plotting seven times over in an authentic way, so that by the end of the day we had internalized (I hope!) this process. It became practical rather than simply theoretical.”