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Hilari Bell and Anna-Maria Crum have been in the same critique group for decades and when members have structure problems they often come to them for solutions.


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Hilari Bell writes middle grade and YA science fiction and fantasy.
She has 18 published novels and has received critical acclaim for her twisty plots.




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Anna-Maria Crum has written 18 grade school readers and illustrated over 50 books. She has been a judge for the Pike’s Peak Writers Conference for nearly 10 years and has evaluated close to 100 submissions. 





“Over the years, Anna-Maria Crum and Hilari Bell have given generously of their time to the mentoring of new writers. They each have a remarkable talent for spotting flaws in any plot and devising ingenious fixes.”

—Pam Mingle

author of Kissing Shakespeare, available August 2012

“I’ve worked in children’s publishing for 20 years as a writer and editor, and I’ve never known anyone as good at improving a plot as Anna-Maria and Hilari. It’s like they have this ability to enter the DNA of another writer’s story and make it tighter, stronger, with more dramatic oomph. Whatever state a plot may be in, they will help you make it better.”


—Sean McCollum,

award-winning author of Joseph StalinThe Water Caller,

and Theodore Roosevelt






“The entire experience was enjoyable, valuable, and one of the best I’ve had the privilege of being part of. Many, many, thanks!”


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