“For anyone attending the workshop, time and effort are required in order to get the full benefits. I am so thankful I invested the time to do the pre-work. By reading everyone’s synopsis, I could comprehend and digest the suggestions made by Hilari and Anna-Maria.” 

photo of a person typing on the computer“Although listening to each person’s feedback was time-consuming, it was well worth it. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like about a person’s story, but I couldn’t put my finger on why or how to fix it. Listening to Anna-Maria and Hilari go through each story structure was a lesson that helped train me to dissect my own story and future story plots.”

Our workshop is four hours long. During that time we start with a half hour talk on story structure, then spend approximately half an hour discussing each synopsis, going over what worked and didn’t work, with suggestions on how to fix it. Because of time, we limit the synopses discussed to a total of seven. However you can open up workshop attendance to other people, who just want to listen, and they pay a reduced rate. This can be very useful for non-critiqued writers who simply want to learn about story structure, and hear how it’s applied to fix problems. Writers whose stories are critiqued during the workshop get a discount on the normal Plot Doctors rate.

Price for attendance, and a critique used in the workshop: $75
Price simply to attend the workshop and listen: $40.

Anyone attending the workshop, who later wishes to get a critique of their synopsis, will receive a $10 discount on the Plot Doctors’ normal rate, good for six months. The total sum Plot Doctors receives for the workshop must reach a minimum of $575, including both critiques we use for the workshop and attendees. 

For workshops in the Denver/Boulder metro area we don’t charge travel expenses.

For workshops outside the Denver/Boulder metro area but within 100 miles of Denver, we charge an additional $50, plus $0.33 per mile, roundtrip. 

For workshops more than 100 miles from Denver, travel expenses will be worked out on a case by case basis—contact us to discuss this.

Photo of a computer keyboard with the word help on a key

“I thought I was unlucky to be the last structure discussed, but in the end I found I was the most fortunate one of all. Let me explain: As I listened to Hilari and Anna-Maria give their feedback, I passionately agreed 100% with their suggestions for the stories I wasn’t giving birth to. When it came time to hear my own feedback, I wanted to disagree when they said to ax a character, but I decided that if they were spot-on regarding everybody else’s work, how could they be wrong with me? I opened my mind and received the information. I’m currently working with their suggestions and my story is coming to life in a richer manner.”